February 10 2016

VW Eyes Hybrid Premium Sedan Segment With Passat GTE Plug-in Hybrid

German carmaker, Volkswagen showcased its premium sedan, the Passat in India at the 2016 Auto Expo. The Passat’s GTE version, which is a hybrid variant of the new Passat was showcased and will soon be a part of VW’s Indian line-up. The company has disclosed that the Passat GTE will be one of the new car launches that the company has planned for the Indian market this year.


About VW Passat GTE


The Passat GTE is a plug-in hybrid that is powered by an electric motor paired to a 1.4-lt TSI petrol engine. Power is transferred to the wheels via a 6-speed DSG gearbox and the maximum power output of the combination is 218PS. The Passat is capable to do a 0-100 kmph in under 8 seconds and has a top speed of 225 kmph. Thanks to a plug-in hybrid setup, the Passat has a massive range of 1000km on a tank-full!


Toyota already has the Camry Hybrid in India which is performing decently considering the lack of awareness of hybrid vehicles and high sticker value. The Camry however is not a plug-in hybrid and the electric motor is charged on-the-fly. While that makes Camry a more practical vehicle for the Indian market considering lack of infrastructure to charge vehicles in our country, the Passat should be more economical to run. Reaching a conclusion as to which of the two will be better is still far as pricing is a key factor and VW hasn’t announced the prices of Passat GTE for the Indian market. We will however soon pitch the Passat GTE against the Camry Hybrid to know which of the two wins in the specifications, equipment and road presence bouts.


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