February 11 2016

Volkswagen Unveils 1.8-lt Polo GTI At Auto Expo

Carmakers in India are finally focusing on adding some serious muscle to their everyday small cars. Thanks to better roads and highways, falling fuel prices, growing enthusiasts and aspirant buyers, the Indian market finally seems to be ready to assess the right worth of a bigger engine. While Fiat has already made a bold move by offering Abarth Punto in India in 2015, Volkswagen has finally hinted at offering the powerful 1.8-lt version of the Polo, the GTI.


Volkswagen had already launched the Polo GT TSI in India with a 1.2-lt engine that churned a maximum of 105PS of power but the GTI will be in another league altogether. The specifications of the Polo GTI are as follows:


Engine type Turbocharged
Engine displacement 1.8-lt
Transmission 7-Speed DSG
Maximum Power 192 PS


Volkswagen is yet to announce the prices of the Polo GTI for the Indian market however we can expect it to touch the price range of entry level D-segment cars. What you can expect at that price will be a machine for the purists, lots of high speed overtakes and some exhilarating sessions at the BIC.

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