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September 03 2013

Maruti Suzuki Swift vs Hyundai Grand i10 vs Honda Brio vs Maruti Suzuki Ritz


Indian buyer is definitely spoilt for choices now. Hyundai is about to launch the Hyundai Grand i10 today that will further set the hatchback segment on fire. Let’s then find out how exactly does the Grand i10 face its competition, whether it gets the better of the segment or loses it badly.


Hyundai has launched the Grand i10 at a base price of Rs. 4.29 lakhs.


Now let’s compare the base variants of these cars to give you an idea of what exactly does the Indian market has to offer in under Rs. 5.00 lakh price range.




Maruti Suzuki Swift is undoubtedly the biggest out of the lot by a margin whether be it length, wheelbase or width. And it does feel you when you see it from the outside.



swift vs grand i10 vs ritz vs brio





All cars here have 1.2-lt petrol engines but ARAI figures of the Grand i10 makes it the most fuel efficient. However, as far as petrol engine fuel efficiency reputation of the Hyundai is concerned, they generally sip more fuel than others. On papers, Honda’s Brio is the most powerful but not enough that can make a huge difference. Grand i10 will be the most torquey.



swift vs grand i10 vs brio vs ritz





Basic features on the base model suggest that Grand i10 gets power windows and A/C, which is a basic need at this price range.



Features grand i10 vs swift vs ritz vs brio





swift vs ritz vs brio vs grand i10


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