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June 08 2016

Mahindra Launches eVerito At Rs 9.50 Lakh

Mahindra & Mahindra has launched a pure electric version of the Verito sedan, the eVerito at a price of Rs 9.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The eVerito runs only on electricity and can be driven for about 110 kms on full charge, which takes about 8 hours and 45 mins on a 15 Amp plug point used commonly. The eVerito can also be fast charged from 0-80% in 1 hour and 45 minutes from Mahindra’s electric fast charging stations. The eVerito has a top speed of 86kmph and gets a direct drive transmission which works like an automatic transmission unit.


As far as the eVerito’s maintenance costs go, Mahindra claims that the 72V battery pack of Li-ion batteries of eVerito are maintenance free and absence of engine and clutch further reduce the maintenance costs of the car. Running costs too are low as the eVerito displaces 110 kms in one full charge that consumes 18 units of electricity, which at Rs 7/unit would cost only Rs 126.


Buying an electric vehicle has always had an apprehension that running out of charge can have you stranded however Mahindra has tried to address the issue. The company is offering a REVIVE feature in eVerito that gives the car an 8km extra range in an unfortunate case of loss of charge.


The eVerito is currently available for sale in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Nagpur. The eVerito is available in D2, D4 and D6 variants and D4 and D6 variants are priced at Rs 9.75 lakh and Rs 10 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi.




Pravin Shah, President and Chief (Automotive), Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.


“As the pioneer of electric vehicles and integrated mobility solutions in India, it has always been our endeavor to make electric vehicles more accessible and the eVerito is the first electric sedan in our portfolio. With issues like environmental degradation, pollution-related challenges, climate change and energy security, there has never been a better time to switch to electric vehicles.”


“Further, with the FAME scheme the Government has already set in motion a conducive environment and hence we can expect faster adoption of electric vehicles in the country. We also appreciate the local subsidy offered by the Delhi Government for electric cars and expect other states to follow it. Going forward we have laid out a clear roadmap for the electrification of our range of vehicles to reduce emission and build an eco-system for electric mobility in India, at par with its foreign counterparts,”


Arvind Mathew, Chief Executive Officer, Mahindra Electric


“The eVerito is an innovative combination of advancements in automotive, electronics and information technology, paired with minimal running costs and zero tailpipe emissions. It is the perfect family car for intra city use. I also truly believe that each of us is responsible in our own way for being more sensitive toward the environment and should embrace new technologies that are green and sustainable. I am confident that India will make that paradigm shift in lifestyles - towards electric mobility solutions that are driven by progressive Government policies.”

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