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November 25 2013

New Honda City - Exterior Highlights


Honda fans, especially the ones who like the third-gen City’s exteriors will be happy to know that the new fourth generation City is a definite improvement. Dimensionally, the new City measures the same as far as overall length (4440mm) and width (1695mm) is concerned. However, going by its 4M principle (Man Maximum, Machine Minimum), Honda has extended the wheelbase (by 50mm!) and height by 10mm.


So, the new fourth generation City stands taller and has a longer wheelbase, though spotting the same is tough. Still, the new City looks grown up. Let’s now get into some serious exterior details.


Honda has extended the wheelbase (by 50mm) and height by 10mm, and that makes the new City look grown up.

New 2014 Honda City in India



The Front – Not awe inspiring, gets a thick chrome grill and decent looking headlamps. Yes, the City is supposed to look corporate and decent, but Honda could have easily made it sportier, especially considering the room that the ‘Edge’ design philosophy leaves with the designers. Considering the fascination and adoption of LED lighting, we at really expected Honda to get LED daytime running lamps this time in the City instead of the boring round fog lamps. The large black plastic housing of the fog lamps could have easily been transformed to a magnificent looking daytime running LED strip (take Hyundai i20 for example). The large front bumper also lacks some muscle.


Front of the new 2014 Honda City not as special as its rear

new 2014 honda city front looks



The Side – Moving towards the rear, the front fender gets a prominent curved line that ends on the front bumper. The contour of this curved line matches that of the bonnet, and instead of making the front look edgy, it makes it look rather globular.


Notice the round-ish contour of the bonnet and fender

honda city 2014 new front features


Go further behind and front door onwards the new City looks a dramatically ‘beautiful’ vehicle. The glasshouse looks very similar to the outgoing City in profile with large doors setting up a glorious rear. A very strong shoulder line, inspired by the Amaze, blazes through the side to the rear tail-lamp, and the rear, oh boy!, its tasty!


New Honda City keeps on looking better and better as you approach the rear

new honda city in india 2014 looks



The Rear – We’ve heard designers get dizzy when working on a car’s rear and we’re also the one’s who talked how the rear of the third generation City looked much like the previous gen of the Beemers. The fourth generation then is an extreme step-up from the past generation as far as the rear of the City is concerned.


The un-Japanese rear of the New Honda City

new 2014 honda city exterior images



The tail-gate and tail-lamps look like a piece of art and rather un-Japanese. In fact, I somehow feel like relating the rear of the new City to some of the Germans, its so magnificent. The two-part tail lamps, the one’s on the boot reminding of the last gen 3-Series’, the little kink on the rear brake-lights another reminder of the previous 3 and the thin chrome treatment, all working up to glamourize the rear with ease and grace. The rear bumper gets reflectors housed on the each side and its simplicity and bulk makes the City’s butt stand out.


2014 honda city alloys design

Other Attractions – The fourth gen City gets a fin-type antenna housed on the roof. The five-spoke alloys also look better than the one’s on the third-gen City.


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