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May 10 2013

E10 Petrol And Compatible Vehicles

What is E10 Petrol?


E10 petrol is any petrol with 10% of ethanol added to the fuel. Using pure hydrous ethanol in car engines is possible with either modifications to the engine or a new engine being developed altogether. Used mainly for the cars to manage emissions.


In India, as for currently, Maharashtra is the only state that has approved the E10 (10% ethanol blend with petrol), the rest of the country seems to be still struggling with E5 (5% ethanol blend). Ethanol is a type of alcohol which is actually a renewable source of energy which is also not as harmful to the environment as other fuel types. E10 has an octane rating of 94 or 95. It also delivers a bit more zippy drive than the usual unleaded petrol, but there is one tiny problem, your car tends to use it faster as E10 doesn’t have as much energy in unleaded petrol, resulting in generally increasing your consumption



Who can use E10 Petrol?


Most modern day car engines since the early 90s are compatible with ethanol added petrol. At present Honda Cars India Ltd., General Motors India makes all their cars already compatible with E10 norms. You can visit this link and check the listings-


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