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May 10 2013

How To Drive Safely During Monsoon?

Who doesn't like the monsoon season, that freedom from the scorching heat and the cold winds. But then, our Indian roads are particularly anti-monsoon to say the least. Open manholes, fresh potholes awry traffic signals and what not.


So, how you drive in the rains is something very crucial, for your car, family and for yourself. We here at CarSizzler have some tips to help you drive safe and enjoy your monsoon drive whether on the highway or stuck in city traffic.


·         Check your tires first. Enough tread is a big must-have during the monsoon. A good tread makes a lot of difference in terms of handling and stability.


·         Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Trust the manufacturer’s recommendations, the given psi levels are achieved after thorough testing. An under-inflated tire will give you a lousy pick-up and drag filled drive while an over-inflated tire will keep the car jumping around at the smallest bump or pothole making the drive uncomfortable.


·         Keep a check on your headlights and brake lights. Make sure they function properly, especially during monsoons as during a heavy shower visibility goes down for the drivers ahead and behind you, blinking hazards and brake lights work as guides.


·         New wiper blades are a must. A ripped wiper blade will not only scratch up your windshield but will also hinder sight.


·         Concrete tarmacs are quite slippery during the rainy season, wet tarmac, speeding car; rain shower is a recipe for a crash. So, avoid driving fast, drive at decent speed and let the wind blow in your hair.


·         Maintain a good enough distance between the car ahead of you as well as behind you. Braking distance increases (meaning it takes longer for the brakes to halt your car) during rain due to wet roads.


·         If you see a big puddle ahead of you, avoid driving fast over it or even avoid driving over it at all. Because it’s topped with water, you can’t know its depth, could be a ditch or a small puddle and it can also damage your car’s suspension if you hit it hard.


·         Heavy traffic jams are a common thing during the monsoon season, the only way to kill it is by starting early if you have to reach work on time.


·         In rains, cars usually mist when driven with shut windows. Keep the inside temperature ambient, use AC to keep mist away from windscreen.


·         Keep your car’s paintjob up to date especially in moist regions as there are greater chances of rusting. Car wraps can be another alternative.

Happy Driving!


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