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May 10 2013

Car Wraps And It's Benefits

Ever wondered if your car remained scratch less for lifetime? And while selling it off, the usual dealer response that he’ll have to get the paintjob done would vanish? Also, many of us get bored with the color of our cars after 3-4 years. While we can always get our cars painted to the color of our choice but there’s a whole lot of paperwork. For one, you’ll have to change it in your RC (Registration Certificate) and we all know how easy that is (pun intended). So, does Car Wrapping come to your rescue? Let’s find out.


What is a Car Wrap?


A car wrap is a vinyl decal that basically wraps onto your vehicle. For example, say your car is white and now you’re bored with it and you don’t want to go through painstaking process of a fresh paintjob. Then a car wrap is for you. You can choose any color/decal of your liking and go home with it applied on your car in less than a day. The best part about these wraps is that you can easily remove them completely without it ever affecting your car’s original paintjob, not even a little bit.


Good news is, these last for around 2-5 years.


Why should you consider a Car Wrap?


  • Paint jobs are actually expensive.
  • In order to perform a proper new paintjob, everything will have to remove from the car, every nook and corner needs to be painted.
  • Requires a lot of work beforehand as your original paint has to be removed first which can take some time.
  • Takes a long time to finish off the complete paintjob.
  • It works like a skin for your car, remove it and the new-like paint still exists, even after years.
  • No worries for minor scratches.
  • It can also save a few bucks as there is no need for paint protection of the car.
  • While not exactly cheap, but for the end results, spending close to Rs.3, 000 for getting a bumper wrapped is nominal.

These pointers should serve you enough on why you should consider car wraps if you’re in the market for a paintjob.


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