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May 10 2013

10 Must Have Features For Any Car

There was a time when features like power-windows or central locking were considered a “top variant only” feature but now they are almost standard in most modern day cars we buy. This is a good thing, people love feature rich cars, happy driver = happy car. CarSizzler has made a list of Top 10 must have features for any car here, so that maybe 5-7 years down the line we can hope to see many of the feature listed as standard.


  • Keyless Entry-


How many times have you reached your car door with groceries in both hands and then struggling to find keys from your bag or pocket to open the car? Now, keyless entry is no space age feature here, many cars come with it but only top variants mostly. Wouldn’t it be nice if this came as part of standard feature?


  • Automatic Transmission-


Again, automatic transmission is nothing new and I know it can be a little less fuel efficient. But, if you keep all those points apart and then think about the auto gearbox, isn’t it relaxing? Just sit there in the air-conditioned cabin of your car, listening to music and zipping through city’s stop and go traffic without having to continuously switch gears every 2-5 seconds? Maybe in the near future automatics gearboxes will be designed in such a way that they churn out a better fuel efficiency with all the advances happening in technology nowadays.


  • Reverse Parking Assist-


Reverse Parking Assist is by far the best thing that’s happened till now. I can’t count the number of times I used to bang the rear bumpers of my Daewoo Cielo while reversing it in my driveway or at the mall. The car was so long, made it difficult for me to park sometime, I wish I had the parking assist whether in the form of beeping sensors or camera assist back then. But these days park assist sensors cost less than Rs.3000 for the beeping ones or the camera ones come part of the top variant. Really helpful features like this should be made standard.


  • Airbags-


Airbags are a very good safety feature in modern day cars. Crash sensors in the bumpers or also on the side pillars of cars activate the airbags in case of a crash/accident. Most cars come equipped with these but some are still considered a top variant feature. What I think, if this is such a good life saving feature, then why not make it a part of standard variant?


  • More Than One Power Outlet-


I have many friends along with me while we’re going somewhere and most of us have the same kind of phone and sometimes two of us need to charge our phones at the same time and since my friends know I always keep a car charger, they ask for it. Now, one problem, my car has only one 12V power outlet. We go through a tiff whether whose phone gets charged first. Maybe manufacturers could put in maybe at least two outlets, One for the front and one for the rear should be really helpful.


  • GPS Navigation System-


I know there are third party options for SatNav these days which cost approx. Rs.6000 upwards and they are good at their job. I don’t like them hanging right in front of my face under the rear view mirror or on the side which makes me look in a direction different from my driving view. What I would like is the manufacturer designed in dash SatNav, like in the higher segment cars and certain top variants in the mid-segment cars. Also, voice guidance would be highly appreciated. I know people who wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for manufacturer fitted navigation in the future.


  • Defogger-


There are times during monsoons or winters, the rear windshield fogs up from the inside of the car. Now this is the most hated phenomenon that happens in every car and every driver hates it as it just blocks the rear visibility. But in higher segment cars a defogger comes standard, so no problem, at the press of a button the fogging is gone like Osama. For mid-segment or hatchbacks, this comes as a top variant only feature.


  • Cooled/Heated Seats-


Seats with air-conditioning can be a really great feature depending on the geographical region you live in. In Delhi summers, it gets so hot that even with the A/C on it gets really sweaty. The back and trouser regions get all sweaty resulting in you looking bad when you reach your destination with clothes all sweaty even after driving there in an a/c car sometimes.


  • iPod Connectivity-


Personally, I am one of those who hate the local radio and the constant gibberish by the radio jockeys irritates me while driving in the already bad traffic conditions, i prefer my own music, my choice of song on demand when and where I want to listen to it. But not all cars come with factory fitted iPod Connectivity. If only this became standard feature, I am sure many drivers would love it.


  • Power Seats-

Ok, this last one is just a wishful thinking because this feature is only for luxury sedans/saloons and while this feature might also add to the price of the car but the power adjusted seats are so comfortable to adjust with memory that saves 2-3 preset adjustments.


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