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May 10 2013

Petrol Vs Diesel, How To Make The Right Choice?

Making a choice between diesel and petrol car can get a bit difficult when planning to buy a new car, especially when petrol prices are soaring new heights each day. Certain buyers base their decision on the fuel consumption and mileage basis. While others base it on their preferred fuel of choice, certain drivers are very particular about buying only petrol cars, saying they drive better, while others prefer diesel for being cheaper than petrol. But the trend these days seems a lot in favor of the diesel cars, no matter their higher price than the petrol variant.


But how would you choose between the two fuel types? That’s where CarSizzler steps in, to help you make the decision in a simple manner. A few pointers for you to work on:


  • Ask yourself whether you really need a diesel car just because it is cheaper per litre even when initially the car itself is expensive than its petrol variant.
  • What kind of driving does your daily commute consist of? Long distance? Short-duration drive to work or highway trips to other towns daily? Work out an approximate amount of fuel that your car would normally consume in a year and calculate your average fuel consumption.
  • The reason why diesel engines cost more than petrol is that their manufacturing costs are more than normal petrol engines; they require an extra measure of strength to withstand the higher compression of diesel as it has a higher combustion rate.
  • You really don’t need a diesel car if you don’t drive more than 30-40 kms in a day’s running.
  • A diesel car turns out to be more expensive in the time. For example: a full tank for a Maruti Swift Diesel costs around Rs.1700 whereas a full tank for Swift petrol runs up to around Rs.2400-2500. A cost-difference of Rs.700. Now, say, you bought a diesel car, the EMI for your diesel car on per lakh works out to approx. Rs.2200-2300. So, even Rs.1400 that you saved on tank top twice a month will leave you paying almost Rs.700-800 extra.
  • The only reason why you are seeing many people buying a diesel car against petrol is that it’s more a trend nowadays. We’ll give you some number to prove it. The share of petrol cars in the overall market constitutes to about 81% back in 2008 and the 2012 petrol shares speak otherwise to 58%.
  • The maintenance and repair cost needs to be kept in mind as well. Diesel servicing works out more than petrol.


Now, a simple calculation.


Take an example:

Price of petrol in your city = Rs.70/lt (say)

Price of diesel in your city = Rs.50/lt (say)

Your daily running = 40 km (assume)

Diesel car average = 18kmpl (say)

Petrol car average = 15kmpl (say)

Money spent on fuel in case of a diesel car for a month (40x30 = 1200 km) = (1200/18 x 50) = Rs.3, 333

Money spent on fuel in case of a petrol car for a month (40x30 = 1200 km) = (1200/15 x 70) = Rs.5, 600

Difference in money spent on both cars for fuel = Rs. 2,300

Price difference between a diesel and petrol car for the same car = Rs.1, 00,000

Difference in monthly EMI for both cars if financed for a term of 5 years = Rs.2, 300

This is exactly the same.

Add to it the extra you pay for the diesel servicing and you’d definitely end up paying more for a 5 year term.

That means if you’re driving at least 40 kms daily, you end up paying as much for diesel as you would have for petrol. So, make an informed choice and go with the car that suits your needs.


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