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May 10 2013

Manufacturers Shy From Metal Bumper Guards, Why?

While many of us may have resorted to fixing metal bumper guards on our cars, manufacturers still tend to limit their use. Ever wondered why? Modern day cars get a lot of sensors, for the airbags, for parking assists and so forth. It’s these bumper guards that tend to interfere in the sensor operations making them ineffective.


You must have by now understood why dealers generally decline to offer any such parts from the manufacturer. However, Indian driving and parking style is so erratic that every now and then there are chances that some auto-rickshaw or a motorcyclist can bang into your beloved car’s bumper making you sulk with an ugly dent or many different artistic scratches.


But if you have a bumper guard installed, then chances are that the bikers banging your bumper will end up simply hitting your metal bumper guard. However, as the bumper guard sits right around the region where the park-assist sensors are installed, they might render them useless. Same is the case with front airbags, since the guard will tend to reduce the impact (in case of a collision), there are chances that the airbags won’t deploy.

What we believe is that if car manufacturers can design and manufacture such beautiful cars and many other good things that aid in better driving, then they should also design something similar to an aftermarket bumper guard, which while looking good could also protect your beloved car’s bumper and save you a good amount of money that you usually end up spending on repairs and new bumpers for the cars.


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