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May 10 2013

Will Mercedes Benz Take Back Its Indian Throne With The A-Class

Mercedes Benz, the German car manufacturer under the parent company Daimler AG, has been around since 1886, 126 years to be precise and they have been the best for quite some time now. Their throne in India was rattled by BMW and Volkswagen owned Audi.


The fresh E-Class was just revealed. Mercedes Benz C-Class took a direct hit from the BMW 3 Series and also from Volkswagen owned, Audi A4. In terms of sales as well as a fresh design and a fresh set of cars for the Indian buyer. The people, who went for a BMW or an Audi, were the ones who were already driving a Mercedes Benz and probably even upgraded 2 cars from their stable, now wanted to go for something that was new in the Indian market, like the BMW and Audi.


BMW arrived to the Indian party very late (2006) and Audi a year later (2007), all three manufacturers have seen a huge success in India. But in 2010, the scene changed in favor of BMW, it overtook the sales of Mercedes Benz and this was just the starting point,. In 2012, Audi stormed the beaches of both Mercedes Benz and BMW, with their sales soaring new heights each passing month, although, Audi didn’t exactly overtake BMW’s sales in India.


Mercedes Benz has been at war ever since BMW and Audi have set shop and their sales figures speak the same language. Audi came out with the Q3, that was in direct competition with BMW X1 (a car that gave a pretty good boost to BMW’s sales) and recently Mercedes Benz launched their B-Class, which hasn’t been that much of a hit.


What Mercedes Benz feels is that they are a company who is happy with the profits and not the number of units sold each month like BMW and Audi. The newer segment already looks fresher and more with the time as probably the main reason why BMW and Audi are selling more units is that their cars be it the new “ BMW Ultimate 3 Series” or the fresh “Audi A4” look very sporty and more 2013. The new S-Class Saloon from Mercedes Benz surely will be a show stopper when it will be revealed in Hamburg on 15 May. More importantly the S-Class will be aimed at the Rolls Royce Ghost in the super-luxury segment.


Mercedes Benz is soon to come out with their A-Class, which will be in the price range of Rs.18 Lakh and upwards, obviously, this wouldn’t be a volume seller, but Mercedes hopes to sell this particular one like hot cakes, as it needs a win, I wouldn’t use the word desperately for Mercedes, but a win should surely be able to bring Mercedes back on the top chart ahead of BMW and Audi.


BMW will attack Mercedes Benz’s A-Class with its 1 Series (which is again a very promising car), while Audi will counter both Mercedes Benz and BMW with their A3, but the A3 will have to be priced very strategically, Volkswagen already has a their Jetta and Passat in a very similar price range, also the Audi Q3 is in the same space. So this will be interesting to see how Volkswagen manages to save its Passat while also making their Audi A3 come in their cheapest price range ever. Mercedes Benz surely has a lot banking on the success of their A-Class. The A-Class, although is a very strong contender in this premium hatch segment among the other two enemy manufacturers.


Hoping for the A-Class to be a runaway success.

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