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May 10 2013

When Is The Best Time To Buy a New Car in India?

Indians love to buy a new car and they consider the entire process very auspicious. We consider buying a new car as a sign of prosperity, success and happiness. Therefore, we never rush the process. In fact, we take as much time we possibly can to make a decision on our new car. To further help you all in making an easier decision, we folks here at CarSizzler have laid out a few points to help you in your planning.


Best time to avail the most discounts in India is undoubtedly during the festive season of Diwali and then New Year. The month leading to Diwali when the Navratras are on, the festive season reaches its peak for best deals for the increasing number of interested customers during or before those 9 auspicious days of the festival.


You’ll find the dealerships normally giving discounts to every customer, but if you can manage to negotiate the best during that time then you’d be a champion negotiator because dealerships tend to stick to their discount on offer. Year end period is also considered a good time for buyers as the dealers want to clear stocks.


If you are among the religious buyers then you might already know of this that; “Pooranmashi” or full moon day is considered a very auspicious day of the month. So you might want to check your calendar for full moon day dates.


Little secret, what nobody ever thinks of is that if everybody buys cars during the festive season then what happens during the rest of the year at all the car dealerships. Then I have some piece of knowledge I would like to drop on our readers. Car discounts and good deals keep fluctuating on the popularity of the car. For example- currently Renault Duster & Toyota Innova are selling like hot cakes, so forget about any discounts, these cars are also selling with an added premium for a quicker delivery. But if you were to go and buy a Mahindra Scorpio right now, chances are good that you might get a hand to hand delivery of your car along with the best discount possible.

However, if you would still like unbeatable discounts and top notch price in the city with any of the cars no offer in the Indian market, then call us. We here at CarSizzler, guarantee you the best price for the car of your choice, color, manufacturer, model, variant. You name it and we have got it. Visit our contact page for a word with our executives who will give you the bang for your buck.


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