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May 10 2013

Getting Maximum Fuel Efficiency From Your Car

Times are very turbulent as far as fuel prices go. Almost every month or so you’ll see the fuel prices reach new heights. So we here at Carsizzler have jotted down a few headers for you to save some money for yourself when on the move.





  • Take It Easy- Feather touch


Speed thrills but kills, not only literally but also monetarily. While it might be hard to resist driving fast for some, especially across an empty stretch of road but gentle acceleration can save some money on the fuel spends. The same will allow gradual deceleration to further aid fuel efficiency. So, make a note to go gentle on the accelerator pedal for the car to reward you with good efficiency figures.


  • Be Farsighted-


An attentive driver will not only reach his/her destination quicker but will also consume less fuel. So, anticipate traffic signals (red lights) and slow down or quicken pace accordingly. Also finding gaps between the traffic can be useful to keep the car moving constantly. Beware though; use your rear view mirrors to keep a check before changing lanes. Plan your route, a congested shorter route might burn more fuel and take more time than a longer but relatively empty one.


  • Engine Idling-


People have this habit of either parking on the side of the road to talk on the phone or wait for someone while the car is on or sitting in the driveway with the car and its air-conditioning turned on, resulting in more fuel consumption. So, make a note to switch off your car if you’re about to stop for more than 60 seconds.


  • Intelligent Shifts-


If you drive a manual transmission car, try shifting up to higher gears in order to achieve a better fuel consumption. However, do not up shift if the engine is already revving low, that would make the engine ‘knock’ or stall.


While driving an automatic car, accelerate reasonably and let the transmission shift the gears a couple of notches up, feather touch comes to the rescue here as well.




  • Correct Tire Pressure-


People generally pay a visit to the petrol pump only when out of fuel and most of the time they are in hurry when they go there. However, right inflation of tires can also reduce the fuel consumption by an incredible margin. Do resort to the manufacturer’s specifications to get the right air pressure in your tires. Less tire pressure means the tires generating more friction, prompting the engine to work harder, which in turn returns less fuel efficiency.


  • Breathe Right-

Get your air-filters checked regularly. A dust-filled air filter will bottom-up the flow of air into the engine harming its performance. It’s like working throughout the day without a lunch and tea break. Checking the filter is easy, either do it yourself or reach the workshop to do it for you.


  • Wheel Balancing & Alignment-


While balanced wheels and aligned chassis will reduce your effort to steer the vehicle in the right direction, it will also allow the car to sip lesser fuel without straining the engine much. So, keep the wheels balanced and the car aligned to get better returns from engine.


  • Reduce Weight-


The lesser the car weighs, the better will be the fuel efficiency as the engine will have to work that bit lesser to pull the vehicle. So, make a note to run light. (Health tip included - Light drivers might get a little better fuel efficiency, hit the GYM!).


  • Leave Your Car At Home-


Yes, you read that right, you reading this article on how to get maximum fuel efficiency from your car (otherwise read as- how do i save money) :) , one straight answer to that is, leave your car home. Try carpooling, take the air-conditioned bus, and use the metro/subway. It’ll save you a lot of money while increasing the life of your car. So, drive only on weekends when the traffic is next to zero while enjoying driving your car as well.


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