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July 08 2013

Maintenance of car engine


Engine is the heart of any car and its maintenance is of utmost importance for a stress-free ride every time. The maintenance of any car’s engine starts from the day of purchase. A well-maintained engine not only performs well for long but also extends the overall life of the car.


The moving parts of a new engine need a warm up before reaching normal operating conditions. Run-in (the initial period when engine is run at lower rpms) involves settling the piston rings and ensuring that the bearings and cylinders wear evenly. It also benefits the transmission, tyres and brakes.


Here are some tips for the maintenance of your car engine.


  • The engine should be warmed up before putting it under any load – For this, its advisable to turn the engine on for at least a minute or two in the morning (or whenever the car is subject to be driven).
  • Do not rev the engine hard – Don’t allow the RPMs to go over 2,500rpmsat least for the first 1,000 km. Even if required to rev hard, progress gradually.
  • No long distance travel - Long Highway trips are not advisable for the run in process. Subject the engine to a wide range of RPMs and make a point of driving under various conditions by changing your driving style.
  • Change your engine oil after the first 1,000 km and you must stick to the manufacturer recommended intervals.
  • Say No To Synthetic Oil in the Run-In Period – Avoid using Synthetic oil for the first 10,000 Km as it slows down the run-in process.


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