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July 12 2013

Car Care Tips

Washing your car daily and thinking that it is clean is okay but is it really clean? There are certain things to keep in mind while washing the car to maintain the ‘brand new look’ for a long time and every time you look at your car it will share a smile with you.  So, here we are going to tell you some tips to nurture the aesthetic beauty of your car.

  •       Soak a cloth in water and wipe the car body with light hands. Don’t squeeze the cloth before wiping. After wiping clean the cloth in water and wipe the car body to dry.


  •  Wash the inner side of the mud-guards whenever you wash your car along with the door panel as well as the inner side of bumper, this is where maximum dirt clogs.


  • Wash the floor mats as well as clean the floor carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner.


  • Washing the car by yourself is good but take it to the service station time to time for professional treatment.


  • Don’t wipe the windshield with water soaked cloth, instead pour water on the windshield for better cleaning & avoid scratches.


  •  Use newspaper to clean the glass and diesel-soaked cloth to clean the road tar spots.


  • Clean the Alloys with detergent and soft toothbrush to clean the unreachable areas.


  •  Don’t use hard water to wash your car as it invites rust & fades the paint & shine


  •  Clean the leather upholstery with the help of moist cloth &light detergent, and then use good quality leather cleaner for leather. Do the same to clean the leather steering wheel cover.  Don’t use cleaner in excessive amount as it fades the shine.


  • Clean the fabric upholstery with the help of vacuum cleaner for a dust free interior.


  • You can also apply wax polish to enhance the exterior look.


  • Clean the rubber parts of the car wilt the help of mild shampoo twice a month.  Use detergent to clean the tires of the car and apply rubber shiner afterwards.
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