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July 12 2013

Car Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of a car is something very important and a matter of concern for the owner. We at Carsizzler not only provide you your dream car but also guide you to get the best out of it. Here are some tips for you to keep your car in pristine shape. Follow these tips and keep your car healthy to experience the enhanced performance of your car for a long time.

  1. During winters, maintain a low rpm level (below 2,000) until the engine has reached operating temperature. Not only for winters but you should drive the car keeping the weather in mind.


  1. Avoid rash driving - Try todevelop a smooth driving style since that doesn’t put the mechanical parts of the car and engine under extremely variable conditions. The same would mean less deterioration of the car on the whole.


  1.  Avoid tail-gating the car in front when driving in heavy traffic. Maintain a healthy gap to allow your braking & deceleration to be a lot smoother. The same would also reduce the chances of banging into the car in front.


  1. Slow down your car at speed breakers. Try to cross the speed breaker in a smoother & gentle manner. That would ensure that your car is never scraped beneath. The same also keeps the suspensions in good shape.



  1. Fix any issues, whether minor, as soon as possible. Don’t ignore the problem as it can cause heavy damage to your car in future. It is better to fix it when it is small otherwise it might lead to a bigger problem.


  1. Try to avoid potholed roads, instead opt for an alternate route with smoother roads. The same will not only reduce the chances of any unwanted harm to your car, but will also make it return better fuel efficiency.



  1. It is very important to keep bad drivers away from your car. Don’t allow anyone who is a rash driver to drive your car. They can cause unnecessary damage to the vehicle.


  1. Avoid overloading your car with excessive passengers or luggage. It puts extra pressure at the engine, which is harmful in the long run.



  1. Try to fill the tank of your car as soon as it reaches the ¼ level. Dry tank might damage the fuel tank of your car.


  1. Try to visit company-owned & company-operated fuel-pumps for a refill. It will help you save yourself from short fueling as well.



  1. Always keep an eye at the fuel economy of your car. If you find it varying from high to low you will know by yourself that the car needs to be treated.


  1. If you find anything to be replaced in your car then don’t opt for any spurious parts at the cost of price difference. Use the original part only while replacing anything in your car.



  1. Always follow the manufacturer guidelines to maintain your car. So, follow them and make your car smile.


  1. Don’t forget to change the engine oil time to time to keep your engine fit & healthy.Go through the manufacturer guideline and follow it strictly if you don’t want to visit the service station often.



  1. Never opt for the normal oil for your engine. Go for synthetic oil instead. We all know synthetic oil is costlier but it is beneficial for the engine of your car in the long run. Using normal oil will affect the performance of the engine and damages it as well which will cost you more in future.



  1. Always keep the wheels of your car aligned & balanced. You’ll get to know if your car gets pulled to any one right or left side. Keeping wheels balanced and aligned  will also wear out the tires evenly.


  1. Change the windshield wipers every year. A wiper will less rubber can damage your car’s windscreen and will also hamper vision.



  1. It is important to keep your car healthy but it is also very important to choose the right garage as well as service station for the car. You can stick to the authorized service station even after the warranty period.



  1. Maintain a good rapport with the service advisor, so that he knows that you are a well informed owner & will always opt for the best choices.




  1. Always choose the best parking spot for your car. Never park it in direct sunlight as it damages the paint, leather or plastic etc. and makes it hot from inside as well. So always park your car in shade.


  1. Get the air filters clean / replaced as per the manufacturer guideline.


It is not necessary that you take proper care of your new car only. If you own a car you should maintain it whether it is old or new. Keep these points in mind and start maintaining your old car as well. It will help improve performance of your old car as well.

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