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April 24 2014

Alternates to Car Films


In a tropical country like ours, during summers, when the temperature is soaring high, the sunrays emitted can be very harmful to our skin and eyes. Not only our health, the sunrays can damage the interiors of the car as well like dashboard, steering wheel and other parts of the car. When the sun shines, the heat, which is transmitted through the windows, becomes unbearable and eventually becomes dangerous too.

It is like a big distraction on the road and can lead to a critical sudden situation of accident. With the rising price of fuels, one has to run the AC at a higher speed for a longer period of time to cool the interiors back to a bearable level leading to higher fuel consumption.


So what do we do?


With complete ban on all kinds of sun films on the car windows irrespective of the degree of visibility, what is the best solution as an alternative to car films?


Here we have few alternatives that can work well when the sun films are a complete ban, to avoid the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.


- Sun Shades/ Chipku:  A car Sunshade often called, as a Chipku is simply a car accessory to be sticked on the windows of the car to prevent the sunlight. It helps in keeping the car cool from the scorching heat when cars are parked outdoor for a very long period of time. A useful piece of equipment, it is a frequently used car accessory.


- Rolling Curtains:  Another kind of car accessory, Rolling Curtains block the sunlight to enter the car during summers. With easy installation, it is very easy to roll up when not in use. It helps to control the temperature and light.



- Fabric Curtains: Fabric Curtains are another way to prevent the UV rays to enter the car and allow not to damage the interiors. Fabrics are definitely easy to install and maintain and is a good way to save your vehicle from getting heated within.



- Oversized Rain Guards/ Door Visors:  Rain Guard fitted over the    window is a very helpful accessory to keep the cabin of the vehicle safe, to prevent from the bad weather damage such as snow, rains and UV rays. It adds to the security, as one can feel more comfortable leaving your vehicle parked even when the cars window is slightly open.


The government has banned the black films. On the contrary, films are allowed to be used only at the rear glass. These alternatives mentioned above can easily be used while the car is on standstill mode or parked outside under the sun.






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