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May 16 2014

10 must have features for all cars

Our cars have evolved with time and features like AC and power-steering have almost become standard in our country. However, there are a few basic features and creature comforts that aren’t yet adopted in cars in India. Such features if incorporated can not only ease the driving comfort but won't be too harsh on anyone’s pocket.


So, here's a list 10 features that are a ‘must-have’ and every standard car should have them.



1.      Rear seat headrests: While doing interiors, manufacturers, especially in the mass segment tend to forget placing full-fledged headrests on the rear seats. Some cars do have integrated headrests at the rear, but they are so small that you can hardly rest your head on it. So, this is something that every car should have.




2.      Dead pedal: Whether a manual car or an automatic one, a dead pedal is something that always helps keep your left foot in comfort. And it isn’t something that would cost a bomb, so why not have it in all cars.



3.      Steering Controls: It might seem like luxury, but steering controls can help keep you focused on the road and still fondle with your playing list at the same time. Every luxury car or a higher variant of a car comes with this feature. So, why not make it standard with all cars that come with a music system.



4.      Triple turn indicator:  It is again a very useful feature, especially when changing lanes. It might not look that important until you actually get the hang of it. Once in use, it makes changing lanes easier and invites users to use the indicators more often and wisely. All you need to do is tap the turn indicator stalk and the indicator flashes 3 times indicating other drivers of your lane change maneuver.


5.      Day/night rear view mirror: During the night, when a vehicle approaches from behind with high beam, it glares the driver’s day/night IRVM. If the car has a day/night IRVM, one just needs to flip the mirror to avoid the blaze of light. This helps keeping a track of vehicles approaching from the rear without getting distracted. The same tech can also be used on ORVMs.



6.      Both side ORVM: Some car makers still don't offer ORVMs on both sides of cars. They are one of the most important features which every manufacturer should incorporate in their vehicles.



7.      Power Windows: Power Windows are available in the top-end variants of almost all cars these days. But if manufacturers offer all their cars with all side power windows, it becomes convenient for the driver as well as the passengers to roll down and roll up the window with ease. More than the ease of operation, it helps the driver to open-close windows at his will when he’s driving.



8.      Driver seat arm rest: Continuous shifting of gears especially in cities often leads to an aching arm. An armrest on the driver’s seat then becomes a boon. Since it doesn't involve use of technology, it can be added to all cars.



9.      Fog lamps: Fog lamps are mainly used during foggy weather. The importance of fog lamps is that they provide visibility to the sides of a vehicle so that the driver can follow road-markings during heavy fog and does not get lost which may cause accidents.



10.  Umbrella: This is something different but not new. Carmakers like Rolls Royce and Skoda do provide an umbrella as a standard feature in some of their vehicles. While not at all a luxury feature, an umbrella, even a small one can have a housing in any car. We’ve seen a lot of cars troubling in rains, at least it can help you get out and diagnose the car in the rainy season. And well, it doesn't need any technology either to hold an umbrella in a car. 

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