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June 02 2014

AC woes - How to remove Bacteria & Fungi

Are you experiencing a situation when you switch on the car AC and a distinct smell is what you experience? Isn’t that weird and unbearable? Then there’s definitely something wrong with your car air conditioner.


Well, that’s not to be ignored for it can lead to health problems. You know how?


Certain reasons for the emission of weird pungent smell from the AC can be:

  • Growth of mold and bacteria’s in the ac vents
  • Gas leak
  • Dirty Air Filters
  • Leak in the cooling system, Antifreeze


‘Sick car syndrome’ as referred by some, is the growth of fungi and molds, a definite sign of a warning. Understanding the reasons of cause is important, as you can’t prevent a problem if you don’t understand how it is developed at the first place.


The consequences to this problem can be dangerous as these days car manufacturers build ac systems with more surface area to increase the AC system efficiency but fail to understand that the bigger room will create the bigger space for these fungi to grow.


Any fungi causes an infectious disease situation, hence to prevent it from happening is a major issue to deal with now. If you are allergic to fungi and other bacteria, then this might increase your allergy.


Isn’t it an issue or concern or a matter to ignore? So, how can you counter it?



Preventive measures to deal with this major issue:


  • Get the Evacuation system done to the AC unit and fill it with new gas.


  • An antimicrobial treatment such as the Mist treatment can be helpful, works most of the times to get rid of the vehicles consisting of molds and bacteria.


  • Regular replacement of Cabin Air Filters is definitely a helpful move.


  • Run AC on ‘outside air setting’ for sometime, which allows pulling new air, and get rid of the old air full of moisture.


  • Use ‘max’ setting on very hot days, which gives the re-circulated air.



  • Don’t be careless to leave ac on ‘max’ setting when the engine is off.   This is dangerous, as it doesn’t allow the outside air to enter the cabin, creating the closed system with the moisture to produce bacteria n fungi.


  • Water draining from below the car when AC is on is important. If not, check the drain hole. It might be blocked which creates the situation where the evaporator doesn’t dry and creating the best place as breeding ground for bacteria’s.


  • Park car under the sun once in a while, which helps in killing the bacteria’s inside especially during rainy season.


  • Use car perfumes to escape from the bad odors.


  • Clean the car once in 15 days, it is very important to keep cleanliness around you.


  • Use of AC Neutralizer, a fragrant cleaner with pipe to penetrate into
  • AC vents to spray the cleaner.  


  • As an alternative, spray Hit into the blowers, use full heater for 5 minutes to kill the microorganisms to some extent.


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