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June 10 2014

Beware of fraudulent schemes & promotional offers


Some of us may have understood it the hard way, but the saying holds true for each one of us. While it doesn't happen too often in the automobile industry, Tata Motors has learnt that a few fraudulent people have wrongfully used the company’s registered trademark to mislead innocent people by luring them against juicy offers and promotions.


While the automaker has declined issuing any offers and demanding cash, the company also suggests people to file a legal report against anyone demanding cash under any offer issued in the name of Tata Motors.


While we all know that the correct way of buying a car/bike is from an authorized dealership only, readers are also advised to confirm all promotional offers from the said manufacturer’s dealership and demand a ‘receipt-note’ on any payments made. Carsizzler also advises its readers to try and make payments at the dealership only to ensure that their money goes into the right hands.


In order to boost sales, many manufacturers launch schemes and promo-offers through various print and electronic mediums. However, none of the advertisements ever encourage you to transfer funds. It is therefore advised to reach the authorized dealerships to confirm any offers and make payments at the dealership only.


Also, manufacturers in India do not deliver cars from their production facilities. Cars/2-wheelers are delivered from the authorized dealerships and the registration process is also handled then and there only. So, any money and/or ID proofs required for registration should be handed over to the authorized people at the dealership ONLY (For prize winners or lucky-draw winners).


In short –


1. Confirm any offer/scheme from manufacturers’ authorized dealerships.

2. Make payments at the dealerships only and demand a receipt for the same.

3. All vehicles are delivered at the dealerships only and registration of vehicles is managed by the dealerships. So, any payments made against registration of vehicles should be done at the dealerships only.

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