About Us is an automotive portal from India that offers a wide range of automotive related content for its readers. With sections like news and reviews, the portal gives authentic information about the industry, the market and new and used cars to the readers. also has a storefront where the company sells useful car and bike accessories. There are separate sections that contain technical details and engaging content for readers. At, we intend to offer a transparent opinion on the latest happenings in the automotive stream.


Ranjeet Ranjan

CEO, AdSizzler Media Pvt Ltd

Ranjeet Ranjan is the CEO of Adsizzler Media Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing ad-networks globally. He is responsible for the overall vision, planning & implementation of the organisation. An internet freak, his interest & passion made him chase his dreams to perfection at a young age of 20. He is creative, spontaneous and in-your-face and knows how to run businesses. Today, he not only handles Adsizzler Media successfully but also and is soon going to launch a new portal, XYZ Money.

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Jagdev Kalsi

Director & Editor-in-Chief,

Jagdev Kalsi stands at the core of CarSizzler and handles on-site content and offline sales. Unlike most enthusiasts, he does not judge cars on their outright performance but on their VFM factor. Speaks less, but understands the languages that cars speak.

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Rishabh Sood

Creative Head

Rishabh Sood is CarSizzler’s ‘Man with the magic hands’. Ultra creative and super multi-tasker, he can work 48-hours in a day. Has a knack of clicking near perfect pictures within no time, he’s just 20 and one of the youngest employees. A biker at heart and mischievous to the core, he is one of the most sought after employees of carsizzler.

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Dhirej Makkar

Saled Head

Dhirej Makkar is young, energetic, very talkative and mischievous, loves to be called Dr.Dhirej Makkar. Has all the qualities of a salesperson and loves to flaunt his hair. His signature line is ,“koi na koi chakkar chala dunga”.


Manoj Gujral


Manoj Gujral’s dedication towards his work is commendable. With an excellent sales record for brands like Honda and Volkswagen, he knows how to strike a deal with ease and grace.

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Shilpa Sharma

Content Team Leader

Shilpa Sharma leads the content team with very good knowledge about the industry & guides the content team to achieve the assigned target. She has a rich experience in the industry and knows how to bring the latest news from the automotive industry.

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Swati Sanchayi

Content Writer

Swati Sanchayi is responsible for bringing latest news from the industry to you. Matches deadlines with aplomb, she’s a quick learner and one of the naughtiest employees of CarSizzler.

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