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November 07 2014

Engine Decarbonisation

Engine decarbonising is a process of removing carbon deposits from the engine mechanically or by using chemical methods.


There are different ways of removing carbon deposits from the engine such as removing the cylinder head and scrapping off the deposits from the pistons and the use of decarbonising machines to remove the carbon deposits.


·         Without opening the engine, the spring of the engine can be cleaned from inside. The entire fuel system can be decarbonised including the O2 sensor and catalytic converter.

·         Reduces harmful emissions initially but later emits carbon from the exhaust that pollutes the air.

·         Reduces engine noise & vibration.

·         Improves driveability

·         Even if we do not remove the carbon deposits from the engine, the car still runs safely. One just needs to maintain the car properly and service the car on time.



·         The heavy carbon deposit include pre-ignition and an increase in cylinder compression pressure.

·         Engines manufactured today are highly advanced and the fuel is burned inside an IC engine completely and efficiently than before. If the combustion is done completely, there will be no carbon deposit.

·         Decarbonising may improve performance temporarily, but it won't last long. One needs to keep a check on the injector or fuel pump settings to prevent any carbon deposits and not clean it up afterwards. If your oil control rings are not working properly and the engine oil comes up, one needs to replace the ring immediately. Removing the carbon by decarbonising can worsen oil control in this situation.

·         Fuel additives present in the fuel tank help in cleaning the carbon deposits. These are the cheaper ways than using a decarbonising machine.


Important points to remember:

•        Decarbonising doesn't improve engine health to any great extent.

•        Avoid frequent decarbonising.

•        Overuse of decarbonising chemicals is harmful to the engine.

•        Decarbonising doesn’t increase fuel efficiency.

•        Decarbonising is expensive.

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