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November 07 2014

Car breakdown: what to do?

There are many reasons why your car won’t start. It can be due to any of the reason such as the engine breakout, low fuel, ignition light on, electrical etc. One should not panic in such cases and look for the fault in the vehicle.
Before fixing the issue, one should:
  • Push the car to the side of the road safely to unblock the way of the ongoing vehicles on road.
  • Look for the fault in the electrical. The engine of the car starts with the battery is fully charged. Check whether there the battery is working or not by turning on the headlamps or blowing horn. If it’s working then the battery is charged if not it is dead.



  • Check for the fuel capacity of the car. If the fuel is low, go to the nearby fuel station and fill your car’s fuel tank.
  • If your car still doesn’t start if the fuel tanks is full, then disconnect the fuel feed pipe in the engine and hold its tip inside the mouth of the jerry can. Then turn on the ignition. This will cause the electric fuel pump to run and you should be able to see a steady stream of petrol filling the can up.
  • If no fuel comes out, the fuel pump inside the tank isn't working. It could be a blown fuse or relay. On the other hand, if the fuel pump has failed, you need to tow the car  to a service station and get a replacement.




  • Try to push start your car. If the battery is not charged, the push start won’t work as the system will not get power. 
  • Turn on the ignition switch, but don't crank the starter. Check for all the telltale lights on the dashboard coming on & fully illuminated.
  • If the battery is dead, hook up cables to another car and try to start the car.
  • Check for a loose connection at the battery terminal. Check your owner's manual to locate the main fuse. Replace the fuse and try again.
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