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November 07 2014

Fixing Car, Steering, Pedal Vibrations

When you notice any problem in your car such as noise, vibration or any other issue, one should immediately check for the problem.
Some of the major issues which every car owner notice in their cars are with the tyre and wheels, steering, engine, suspension and brakes. 
  • When the car starts vibrating, it can be related to the engine rpm. One can feel the vibration in the car even when the car is idle. 
  • The vibration is also felt when driving at high speeds. When the car speed changes, the car starts vibrating.
  • Always keep the wheels of the car properly balanced and inflated
  • Check for any wear and tear on the tyres and any bends on the wheels.
  • When the brakes are applied aggressively, the car can vibrate. 
  • Check for brake disc, brake pads/brake shoes.
  • Check for a broken wheel bearing, suspension strut / control arm or a loose bolt
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