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November 30 2016

What?s most important for any vehicle?

What’s most important for any vehicle? If you are thinking of fuel, well you also think like rest of us, if only that was correct. It’s insurance, without any iota of doubt. The amount of labor required to get it proves my point. You have to fill tons of data, data that you don’t even remember. All this effort, just to get a quote. Yes with the rise of online platforms the hassles have reduced and the introduction of m-commerce has even smoothed the experience but filling up loads of data has been a deterrent.

Let me share a personal experience with you. A year ago I had to take a road trip to my home-town ,Lucknow. This was an all of a sudden plan without any time to prepare. I got a call from my father informing me about my mother being in ICU due to cardiac arrest. I checked for flights none in my budget were available so I decided to drive instead, little did I know what was about to happen. My car insurance had expired a day before and between filling up loads of data and keeping it for some other day, I opted the later. So I started my road trip in my uninsured car. After 3 hours of continuous driving I decided to give my full of drowsiness eyes a little comfort , so I parked my car in the middle of nowhere took my bottle of mineral water and stepped out of my car. I sprinkled some water on my eyes took few sips of it too and was about to lit a cigarette when all of a sudden three armed men appeared in front of me out of nowhere. They took my car, my wallet, my mobile and left me stranded in the middle of nowhere, carless, moneyless and even contactless. I stood there cursing my stars as they left in my car with all my beloved belongings. This is something which can be easily avoided with thorough planning but you can plan for an adverse hour as it comes unannounced.

But now with RGI’s new initiative, nobody will have to suffer the way I did. Reliance General Insurance Company Limited, a part of Reliance Capital, has launched a first-of-its- kind single field quick quote feature for its private car insurance and two wheeler insurance products online. This customer –friendly facility enables instantaneous quote generation by entering only the vehicle registration number.

In India, people require to fill up a huge amount of information for buying a policy, which is a time-consuming and tedious process. Further, a shift to the online platform hasn’t made buying insurance hassle free since customers are still being asked to fill multiple data fields. India has approximately 55 million online shoppers and the numbers are increasing by the day. The introduction of m-commerce has only added impetus to the increasing number of online buyers. However, filling up loads of data for buying a product or registering for a service has been a deterrent. As per a survey conducted by RGI, 60% of customers drop out of the sales funnel as they are unable to recall or remember multiple  information that is asked for while buying a policy.

Identifying this trend, RGI has come up with a novel solution in the GI sector, a single data field forgetting an instantaneous quotation for car and two wheeler insurance, ensuring swift, seamless and better insurance deals. And with this RGI becomes a pioneer in generating instantaneous quotation by filling only the vehicle registration number.

Now you must be wondering how it works?

Once a customer enters the vehicle registration number, the system fetches requisite information like make/model, state of registration, etc. and generates an instantaneous quote. Not only is the customer saved from the hassles of punching in multiple details, the entire process is quicker, more efficient and extremely user-friendly. Moreover, RGI’s single field quick quote scores high on the compatibility front too with the feature available on both desktops and hand-held devices such as smartphones, allowing users to avail tailor-made car insurance at any time and from anywhere, at the best price and at lightning speed. All you need to do is download the app if you plan to use it on your smartphone or visit the website if you are still old school.

As if this much was not enough they are even providing free Roadside Assistance up to 25 km as a mouth-watering dessert. This is an Avant Garde release in the Insurance sector. It includes jumpstarting, diagnosing and repairing the problem in case of a breakdown, helping with flat tyres , towing assistance, delivering backup keys ,organizing hotel accommodation , organizing taxi etc. With over 2400+ network garage at their disposal, it’s a dream come true for all the motorists. Reimbursement of towing charges up to INR 1500 is also provided by the insurers.

In a nutshell, RGI’s latest technological innovation breakthrough has allowed customers to get vehicle insurance policies in a more convenient and faster manner, guaranteeing a smooth, safe and stress free ride!

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