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June 26 2013

How To Extend The Life Of your Car

When it comes to maintaining cars, everything from how you drive, how you park, servicing and washing counts. A well maintained car will not only give an excellent ownership experience but will also pay well in the long run during resale. So, here are a few tips on how to keep your car running in the best manner so that it doesn’t keep you stranded when required the most.

1.       Drive carefully - During start-ups, don’t rev your car’s engine too much, accelerate slowly and put less strain on the engine. Don’t drive at very high speed & avoid accelerating hastily.

2.       Fill gas at reputed service stations - Fill the tank of your car from reputed filling stations where you can be assured about the quality of the gas or fuel since bad quality fuel might affect the performance of the engine in the long run. So it’s better to get the tank of your car filled at certified reputed service stations only.



3.       Park in Shade - Try to park your car in a garage only. If not then it must be parked in shade to protect your car from direct sunlight & harmful UV rays which can cause damage. Parking in shade will also give you a cooler car when you enter. Using car shades is also a good idea to protect your car.

4.       Clean insides -The car not only needs to look good from outside but also from inside. Regularly clean your car from inside to get a comfortable & healthy ride and avoid infections. Clean the dashboard with a soft cloth to avoid scratches and clean the floor mats time to time.

5.       Keep the car Leak-Proof - If you find any kind of leakage into the car, either fix it immediately or change it. Don’t avoid it if it is a small leakage. It can cause big damage to your car. While replacing the weather stripping area, use only the original weather stripping material.

6.       Paint protection - Parking your car in the garage is the best way to protect the paint of your car. If not,a body cover can do wonders to protect the car from bird droppings and other harmful elements to maintain that showroom glossy finish. You can also go for wax protection to the car.



7.       Protect the lights- Lights play a very important role to avoid accidents. Therefore it is important to protect the lights of the car to last long. In case of cracks and leakages, at leasttape the light till a new one is fixed.

8.       Windshield washer fluid tank- Try  not to fill the washer fluid tankwith water since it might freeze inside during the winter season and cause damage to the windscreen.



9.       Tire maintenance - Maintaining tires isvery important to avoid excessive heat and tire blast.Keep your tires inflated as per manufacturer recommendations. To extend the life of your tire, rotating tires helps for even wear and extended life. Use a tire cleaner to keep the tires clean and avoid dirt. The wheel alignment of your car should be checked as mentioned in the user manual.


10.   Engine maintenance – Engine is the heart of the car and it’s important for the engine to be in a good shape. For this you need to keep an eye on things such as changing oil frequently, avoiding overfilling of the crankcase with oil, cleaning of the oil pan plug, change of spark plugs etc.


11.   Car battery - Keep your battery clean to avoid any kind of current or corrosion. Use mild detergent with water or clean it with brasswire brush dipped in the solution made from baking soda & water. Before cleaning remove the cables attached to the battery and after cleaning connect the cables again. It the battery requires water, check the amount of electrolyte while filling.



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