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November 07 2014

How to keep your car in top shape

Keeping the car in good shape requires less maintenance and less on the pocket. Many automakers in the country charge too much on services and maintenance of the car.


Therefore, we have put down few points on how to keep your car in top shape:



·         Always read the user’s manual to know when to get your car serviced. Regular maintenance of the car can solve the small problems before they get big.

·         Always keep your car tyre pressure properly inflated to avoid wear and tear of the tyre before time. The properly inflated tyres provides better fuel efficiency and last longer.

·         Always keep a check on the engine. The car filers and engine oil need to be checked regularly. The filters keep away the dust and other particles from the engine, therefore, it should be cleaned regularly.



·         Other car fluids such as brake oil and coolant, transmission oil etc, also need to be checked on a regular basis.

·         The car’s battery, wiper blades, washer, lights such as signal lights, headlamps, and taillights should be checked on the regular basis.

·         Timing belts are very important for engines, it should be replaced before it breaks out and to avoid any damage to the engine.

·         Always service your car from a good and dependable service station so that they don’t charge too much and offer good service.

·         Never over speed as this leads to more wear and tear of the engine.

·         Never ignore the exteriors of the car. Washing, waxing, polishing and dents should be taken care off as well.

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