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November 10 2014

How to avoid tyre burst

The tyre burst is very common; one should not panic when the tyre of the car bursts. Stay calm and slowly try to reduce the speed of the vehicle and keep the momentum so that you park the car on the side of the road to avoid blocking disturbing the traffic.



Below are the few points we have mentioned to avoid tyre burst:


  • Always maintain a good speed; never over speed the car when starting at zero.
  • Avoid hard braking as it can unbalance the vehicle and become difficult to handle and also put more pressure on tyres.
  • While cornering, the car tends to pull on one side, therefore, it is recommended to keep the steering of the vehicle in the opposite direction to keep the vehicle going straight and to avoid drifting.
  • Don’t abruptly put off the foot from the accelerator. Always gradually and smoothly release the accelerator pedal. When releasing the accelerator pedal, the pressure of the tyres very strong that is rapidly slows down.



Tyre check:

  • Check your tyre pressure weekly.
  • Check your tyre pressure especially during hot temperatures.
  • Check your car’s user manual for the correct tyre pressure
  • Check your tyre before long journeys.
  • Never overload the car
  • Avoid potholes
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