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November 07 2014

How to keep your car in top shape

Keeping the car in good shape requires less maintenance and less on the pocket. Many automakers in the country charge too much on services and maintenance of the car. [...]

June 10 2014

Beware of fraudulent schemes & promotional offers

While we all know that the correct way of buying a car/bike is from an authorized dealership only, readers are also advised to confirm all promotional offers from the said manufacturer's dealership and demand a 'receipt-note' on any payments made. Carsizzler also advises its readers to try and make payments at the dealership only to ensure that their money goes into the right hands. [...]

June 02 2014

AC woes - How to remove Bacteria & Fungi

Are you experiencing a situation when you switch on the car AC and a distinct smell is what you experience? Isn't that weird and unbearable? Then there's definitely something wrong with your car air conditioner. [...]

May 16 2014

10 must have features for all cars

Our cars have evolved with time and features like AC and power-steering have almost become standard in our country. However, there are a few basic features and creature comforts that aren?t yet adopted in cars in India. Such features if incorporated can not only ease the driving comfort but won't be too harsh on anyone?s pocket. [...]

May 06 2014

Insured Declared Value or IDV

IDV or Insured Declared Value is the current market value of a vehicle where the maximum assured amount fixed by the insurer will be provided when a vehicles is lost, met with an accident or suffer total loss. During a total loss of a vehicle, IDV is the amount which the insurer will pay to the policy holder. [...]

April 24 2014

Alternates to Car Films

In a tropical country like ours, during summers, when the temperature is soaring high, the sunrays emitted can be very harmful to our skin and eyes. Not only our health, the sunrays can damage the interiors of the car as well like dashboard, steering wheel and other parts of the car. When the sun shines, the heat, which is transmitted through the windows, becomes unbearable and eventually becomes dangerous too. [...]